Getting Started

Why Use MySchoolBucks?

Do you have a mobile app I can use to add funds and manage meal payments?

How do I get started?

Problems Logging In

What do I do if I forgot my username or password?

Why can’t I find my district and/or school on the account signup screen?

MySchoolBucks is unable to locate my student. What should I do?


How do I know my information is secure?

What do you do with my personal information?

Email Notifications

Can I receive an email notification when my student's balance is low?

How do I enable low balance email notifications?

Why do I keep receiving emails that my student's balance is low?

When I make a payment, can I have a receipt emailed to me?

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for?

General Payment Questions

Can other people make payments for my student?

What credit cards/methods of payment are accepted?

How long does it take for funds to be added to my student’s meal account?

Is there a fee for using MySchoolBucks?

Why does my online bank statement show a pending MySchoolBucks charge even though my payment was declined?

Setting Up Scheduled Payments Through MySchoolBucks AutoPay

What is AutoPay?

How do I set up AutoPay?

How do I cancel or edit an existing scheduled payment?

Payment History

How can I view my meal payment/order history?

How can I see what my student has purchased in the school cafeteria?

How do I see a transaction history that is older than 90 days?

Why did my student’s balance not update after my most recent payment?

Moving/Changing Schools

What happens if my student changes schools?

We recently moved schools within the same district, why is my student’s balance not listed?

What happens if I move to a new district?

How do I transfer funds between students?

Am I able to transfer funds between different MySchoolBucks.com user accounts? (Example: Meals to Ala Carte)


How can I obtain a refund?


Who should I contact if I have made a payment but it has not yet been received by my student’s school?

MySchoolBucks Admin

How do I sort a report by [student name, student ID, date, etc]?

How do I add a new school?

How do I give a user a higher security level?

How do I change the portion of fees paid by the district (vs. the parents)?

How do I change the fee setup for a particular product?

Who should I contact if...my data transfers aren't working?

As a District Administrator, where can I find materials for marketing MySchoolBucks to potential user in my District?

How do I configure MSB for periods of inactivity?