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Developer Tools

The different partner accessible APIs and toolkits are introduced below.

MSB Pay Express

MSB Pay Express is a quick and easy way to collect secure payments for MySchoolBucks products directly from a school district’s website, email or social media post. Payment button links or email/social media links can be generated in MySchoolBucks by navigating to "MySchoolBucks -> Manage Stores -> Pay Express Buttons" from your district in the Admin Dashboard. This payment solution utilizes existing school stores and products, so minimal development is needed at the district.


MSB Pay API is an ecommerce tool to enable credit card and checking account payment processing on your website. MSB Pay API provides tools to send shopping cart contents to checkout, allowing easy integration with parent billing accounts registered with MySchoolBucks. MSB Pay API allows connections to MySchoolBucks using a RESTful web service over secure socket layer (SSL) on port 443. SSL provides data encryption in transit so sensitive school information is protected during transmission. A valid developer ID and authentication key is required to access the web service.

Pay Express vs. Pay API
Feature Pay Express Pay API
Copy & Paste Integration  
Assign G/L Account Code
Stored Customer Payment Methods
Allow Guest Checkout
Single Item Checkout
MySchoolBucks Reporting
Shopping Cart / Multiple Item Checkout  
Integrated Website Checkout with Transaction Status  
Void / Refund Payments (only via

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